Thermal Screening

Body Scanner

Reduce Infections

Sites & workplaces benefit from incorporating screening stations to minimise the risk of infections. Maxsite TSS – temperature screening solution detects body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever (COVID 19)

Our thermostatic cameras only detect human skin surface temperature and reduce false alarms from other heat sources. Smart algorithms certify the temperature is compensated with ambient temperature, and the distance of the measured target for accuracy.

Thermal Scanner

Intelligent Security Screening

There are a number of methods for controlling infections and maintaining productivity, from hand scanners, terminals, through to walk through metal detectors with screening cameras. When a temperature is dedicated, it alerts locally and also sends email notification to select key members, consequently, avoiding the spread of infection into main work areas.

Our enrolment station supports face and fingerprint and comes with an LCD touch screen to ensure data is recorded accurately for each person that enters the workplace.

How the systems work

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Measures temperature with accuracy

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AI technology with smart algorithms


99% accuracy


Reducing infections


  • Thermal Cameras
  • Hand Scanners
  • Walk Terminals
  • Smart Algorithms
  • Facial Recognition

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